Shabana Shaik, PhD

Hi! My name is Shabana Shaik and I am a postdoctoral scholar at Sisodia Lab in the department of Neurobiology, The University of Chicago. My research focuses on exploring sex-specific mechanisms of neuro-immune modulation by gut microbiome using Alzheimer’s mice models. This work will unravel critical lacunae in our understanding of host microbiome-CNS interactions and could provide a wealth of unrecognized targets that would allow sex-specific therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative disorders.

I hold a deep passion for nucleic acid-based diagnostics and therapeutics which was ignited through my research at National Centre for Biological Sciences-TIFR, Bangalore, India and during my doctoral studies at the University of Chicago where I showed that tertiary structure of RNA regulates splicing. The vision that drives my work is of a world where RNA technologies would provide innovative and potentially transformative approaches to the development of new treatment regimens. As a first-generation, international student from Indian diaspora, I have learnt to celebrate the strength I gained from very diverse challenges that made me resilient and persistent. As a future group leader and mentor, I want to leverage this strength of diversity to build network across multicultural environments while I nurture and grow the future generation of young scientists. I am individual who is committed to lifelong learning, initiatives like the Chicago Women in STEM that provide a platform to engage and interact with an incredible group of women and create a new network of women leaders to contribute to advancements in science and life-transforming technological innovations.

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