Anugraha Rajagopalan, PhD

I am Anugraha Rajagopalan, a postdoctoral scientist at Rush University specializing in Cancer Immunology. At work, I spend my time understanding the immune responses to cancer and developing novel therapeutics and diagnostics to combat the disease. My current research on a novel therapeutic is currently in preliminary stages of clinical trials. I was passionate about biology from a very young age. It was this passion coupled with hard work and destiny that translated to pursuing a Ph.D. in Immunology from Miller School of Medicine, Miami. There, I researched RNA therapeutics to elicit an immune response against cancer. My career goal is to develop novel therapeutics to evoke long-term immune responses against cancer.

The Chicago Women in STEM symposium is a wonderful platform for us women to interact, educate, and learn. 2020 was the first year that I attended the symposium and I am very confident I will be returning year after year. In particular, this year, I loved learning about the concept of “sponsor”. I have been fortunate to have amazing sponsors in the form of mentors throughout my Ph.D. and postdoctoral training. By associating with the Chicago Women in STEM, I hope to be a sponsor to my fellow women and bring awareness in our society to the significant role women play in science.

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