Rungmai Limvorapitux

My name is Rungmai Limvorapitux. I’m a chemistry PhD student in the Nguyen Group at Northwestern University. I am originally from Thailand. After receiving a scholarship from the Japanese government, I moved to Tokyo to pursue my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.  Work in STEM fields fascinated me on how it improves lives and inspired me to learn more about its applications, so I decided to continue my studies in the USA.  Here, I collaborate with groups of scientists and engineers to develop catalytic materials for one-pot tandem reactions that reduce costs and increase efficiency in chemical production processes.  My projects are supported by the Institute for Catalysis in Energy Processes (ICEP) which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Basic Science.  My long-term goal is to discover and utilize innovation to solve real-world problems.  Specifically, I would like to apply my technical knowledge in chemistry and problem-solving skills to create solutions while having a deep understanding of market drivers and business.  The first big step in achieving your goals is to believe in your own ability and be able to express it to those around you.  I hope that as a part of the Chicago Women in STEM Initiative, we can support each other and foster a strong community of successful woman in science.

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