Kacey Suvada

I am a Neuroscience PhD candidate at Northwestern University. At Northwestern, I work with Dr. Ana Maria Acosta and Dr. Julius Dewald researching human motor impairments after a hemiparetic stroke. Specifically, my thesis project focuses on bettering the understanding of postural control during reaching. In my program, I have completed almost all of the coursework as well as passed the qualifying exams. Most recently, I presented my thesis project and preliminary data at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago as well as successfully proposed my work for my dissertation to the committee. I also take part in various types of outreach including working with elementary school kids and teaching them basic scientific principles through Science in Society, educating high school teachers about the field of neuroscience and how they can teach their students about the brain through NU Brain Awareness, advocating for gender equality specifically in STEM fields through the NU Women in STEM Initiative, and speaking about mental health awareness in high schools around Chicago through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). I hope to meet more strong and successful women through the Women in STEM Initiative and continue to increase awareness of the organization to the Northwestern Community. In the next year, I will continue to drive my thesis work forward while maintaining involvement in leadership for the Women in STEM Initiative and my other organizations.

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