Jenny M. Rodriguez

I’m Jenny M. Rodriguez, a Director of Strategic Accounts helping drive growth in Chicago with enterprise level partnerships helping organizations attract, retain and manage their strategic workforce needs for technology, digital and creative talent. As a Hispanic female leader, I believe STEM and more specifically diversity and inclusion within STEM in urban and underserved communities is a vital component in advancing and enriching communities across the globe for future sustainability. As a mother of four science enthusiasts and being a lifelong enthusiast myself, STEM initiatives are a natural interest and close to home passion for me and my family. STEM fields are the foundation of both the current economy and the global economy that is expected to provide the great majority of jobs in the future. As such, I believe it’s imperative to prepare tomorrow’s workforce for the rapid increase in STEM career paths to meet the increasing demand by employers on a local and global scale. My goal with Chicago Women in STEM is to help lead and participate in STEM awareness events helping drive more career interest within our diverse communities and to help educate families on how to encourage their children to pursue an education and career in STEM. I recently helped lead diversity and inclusion conversations for parents of the LGBTQ+ community on this subject and am an avid volunteer for multiple charities in Chicago serving underserved families and youth, spreading the message about the importance of STEM wherever I can.

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