Isabel Gippo

Hello! I am a second year undergraduate student at Northwestern University. I am originally from St. Louis and found an interest in STEM at an early age. My unwavering curiosity for how things worked never subsided and I now find myself pursuing a degree in Neuroscience with an emphasis in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I currently work under Colleen Zaccard, a research assistant professor in the Department of Physiology at Northwestern and co-founder of the Chicago Women in STEM Initiative. We are working to analyze the relationship between spinule formation in dendrite spines and the presence of Ankyrin-G and TGF-β, assessing their role in neuronal connectivity. I am also interested in starting the undergraduate branch of the Initiative in an attempt to extend this community of successful women to a group of aspiring undergraduate students. The undergraduate branch would aim to uplift women in STEM much like the original branch, providing opportunities for career exploration, research experiences, and mentorship from seasoned women in the field.  

Professionally, I would like to pursue a career in STEM that fulfills my childhood curiosity for the unknown. Since I am an undergraduate student, I still have time to decipher which career path will suit me best, but continue to learn and grow from the experiences of the women in this Initiative. Most importantly, the Chicago Women in STEM Initiative has allowed me to find a community of women who share similar passions and goals, ultimately providing mentorship and guidance that will positively impact my career.

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